Hwa Nan Korean Kimchi 369g


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uses Korean super king Chinese cabbage seeds, commissioned by farmers in the vegetable professional zone to produce the finished dishes, and uses the imported chili powder and formula ingredients from South Korea to carefully manufacture South China Korean kimchi Food, showing the authentic Korean flavor and taste. This product has been vacuum-sealed and sterilized by our company’s special technology to keep the crispness and flavor of cabbage.

It is a processed Korean-style agricultural product with modified spiciness and a new concept product in the market. The flavor is aromatic, unique and extreme taste, fine fiber and good taste. It is suitable for catering and conditioning holy products of consumer groups of all ages. It is an excellent choice for dinner conditioning, hot pot and noodles. Do not choose the type of hot pot, seafood, kimchi, smelly pot, pork, beef, and lamb pot are all the best choices.